This year we want to raise $30,000.

Be part of our Villa Madonna Pavilion and Beautification Project  

Multi-use open air pavilion,rejuvenation of the basketball courts, playground and outdoor area on the north side of campus

Mr. Mark Oliva and the Oliva family are leading the way with a generous offer to MATCH  a multi-use open air pavilion.  We want to raise $30,000 from the Spirit Run to go toward the $250,000 matching challenge from the Oliva family.  Any person or company who gives a single gift of $1,000 and up will be included on the wall of honor in our Villa Madonna Pavilion.  This project will have such a large impact on the lives of our students and the community at large.

We live our motto: Work, Play, Study, Pray. God blesses our children everyday with the ability to be creative, physically active and to build community through play. Play offers opportunities to show our love for God’s creation. By learning outside we breathe in fresh air and fill ourselves with energy from the sun. Much of the year though, it is either too wet or too sunny to stay outside for very long. We will be blessed with this new outdoor facility to play, learn and grow. 

With last year’s Spirit Run donations the school was able to:

  • Upgrade lighting in our school to LED lighting.